Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Katsucon 18: Part 4

      Saturday afternoon's Steampunk panel went quite well, but now we are getting back to some  fighting game goodness.  There's a fighting game shoot in front of the fountains scheduled for when the crazy fountain show goes off.  It's very cool, but you may get a bit wet.  So we went Darkstalkers, as Morrigan and Donovan Baine.Here's a few pics of Kimi getting soaked,but looking great.
I love how it looks like a fountain of lava.

Taking advantage of when the fountain turns purple.
Now I would like to post a nice pic of myself, but I forgot my coconuts in the rush and the outfit just isn't the same.  Forgot my bracelets last time, cursed.  Here are a couple shots of VS pics from the fountain.

Now is the time when we meet up with EBK and Maki, and Luis.  Oh, and our friends Kat and Kitty.  Then we all headed down to the secret wall for a photo shoot.  But before that I took some pictures of Kitty, because her outfit was so adorable.

She is so cute.  Anyway,The theme of this photo shoot was Underworld vs Darkstalkers.  Representing Underworld was Crimson and Roses Cosplay as Selene.  The Darkstalkers girls are Kimi as Morrigan and Maki as Lilith.  Here we go.

Well there you go.  These pics are all by EBK and they are excellent.  Saturday was epic, but also insanely busy.  We cannot complain though.  This was the best con ever and it's due to all the great friends and family we got to hang out with.  Can't wait until next Katsu.

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