Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Fantasy Unlimited

       "  The soil charge triad to be used against you has been decided. "  You may hear this and see the stock transformation from one of the main characters \ deus ex machina, Kaze, quite a few times.  Final Fantasy Unlimited is an anime released in 2003 and as usual creates it's own world, but throws in all the usual FF elements. There are off course chocobos, cactaurs, a guy named Cid, a mog, an  airship etc.  It has a lot of weaknesses, like 2003 era CGI which looks frankly ancient, not close to the standards of those times let alone today.  Also there is a lot of stock footage used over and over, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
      FFU involves two kids who get separated from their scientist parents who get sucked into this other dimension known as wonderland.  Due to their own experiments I might add. So the kids travel to wonderland accompanied by Lisa a girl with Mugen weak ass martial arts powers. Requiring the mysterious Kaze, The Black Wind, to save them all every episode with his awesome gun arm thingy, called the magun. Kaze is saving them from the sundry agents of the Earl, who wants to kill them all, for it seems no particular reason.  So there is a short version of every episode.  Oh yeah there's this guy Makenshi, the white cloud, who seems connected to Kaze, but works for the Earl, kind of.
        I am a massive Final Fantasy fan and have been since the first one came out for the Nintendo in 1987.  I love all things FF, except for online FF games which can eat a bag of dicks.  So, I actually can sit through this mess and enjoy it for it's Final Fantasy-ness.  Oh look, cactaurs.  Squeeee, Chocobos.  If you are not a big fanboy-girl Unlimited is just a below average, dated, nonsensical anime that you should avoid.

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