Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jade Staff and Razor Rang

      My lovely cosplay daughter Maki looked so great in he Jade MK outfit at Katsucon, but she looked a little light on weapons.  So I'm working up two cool weapons for her.  This is just a progress photo, so full tutorial to follow.

They don't look like much yet, but they will.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Katsucon 18: Part 2

      Friday morning and I still have projects to finish.  Kitana's fans need a cool symbol as well as the boots.  Luckily, the front of the Katsucon Program made a fine stencil when I cut it off and carved the Kitana symbol into it from this picture Kimi found and sized.  Next I painted the fans and boots, that would be 12 symbols, two coats each.  Quick zip out too the real world to pick up stuff for our party later and it's Cosplay time.  Yay, a One Piece photo shoot at the Gazebo.  Last year the One Piece gathering was by far our favorite.  This year is was nice although a bit more chaotic, there was a lot going on around the Gazebo.
Photo by Paul Karpey
That was fun, but now it's party time.  Lot's of our good friends came to our little soiree, like Maki and Luis, Regina, Kat and Bill, EBK, Cooking Dojo Justin, just to start.  It was really cool, thanks for the scotch Bill. Nothing like Cheese, grapes and booze for all. Others put in appearances, but Kimi had to start getting all Kitana like.  Super talented make up artist Regina helped her get ready, then it was time for some Cosplaying.
Kimi as Kitana, Cammy Bitches as Cammy, and Maki as Jade.
Kimi wore her Kitana from Mortal Combat and Maki was Jade.  We met up with EBK and went down to the Secret Wall to do some crossover pics with a super cool cosplayer whose badge read "Cammy Bitches."  Awesome.  Anyway me and Luis pulled up a couple of chairs and had a grand old time.

Just one more picture.
 A really nice set of pictures.  On to the after party.  We ran into Regina and another friend of ours Charlene on the way back to the room.  Since we had so much cheese grapes and booze, we invited them up.  EBK then brought his friend Athel Cosplay up and an epic time was had by all.  A great con so far, but much more to come.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Katsucon 18: Part 1

Generic Katsu from the week-end, Thursday was much quieter.
  Well, Katsucon this year was really amazing.  Very busy, but amazing.  This year we rolled in Thursday and that was very helpful.  We actually got to settle in and relax a bit, before the action began.  Thursday we only had one thing to do, a photo shoot with our friend EBK.  Kimi put together a lingerie ensemble for her Morrigan cosplay, and I thought it came out quite well.
Morrigan Lingerie Version
I'm sure the words Morrigan and lingerie have never appeared on the internet before.  I'm glad Thursday was low key, because Friday has a bit more to it.  Of course as usual when their taking pictures I'm working on my Cosplay daughter Maki's .hack Black Rose Sword.  Which came out pretty well considering.

She is so adorable.  Anyway it was a great way to open a great con.