Sunday, February 27, 2011

Katsucon 2011 Wrap-up

      A very good Katsucon if I do say so myself.  Just a couple more things.  I took some pictures from our room and from the elevator I liked.
View from the room.
Cosplay from on high.
Now for a few random cosplay pictures.

And once more the link to all of our Katsucon photos on Flickr.
Katsucon  2011 Flickr

We'd also like to thank the following people for making this a great Con for us.  Genjitsu from ACP, J. Stephens from Marvel and our friends Regena, Maki, Luis, Ernest, The Steampunk Family, The One Piece Group, Ajie at Cosplay One and the renowned Eurobeat King.  Thank you so much every one we'll see you soon.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Katsucon 2011 Saturday

       Saturday again found us incognito taking pictures with Kimi's fancy new Nikon D-5000.  There was a lot of good cosplay out there Saturday, here is but a sample.   

Adorable EVA girls,  with a Pen-Pen, Yeah.
Really cool How to Train Your Dragon
Breathtaking  Cosplay. :)
Great Team Rocket,  wish I got a better shot of Jessie's  hair it was epic.
Kick ass Jack Skellington.

Oh yea, also these big headed thing started dancing, weird.

Now time for us to get dressed. It's Lantis and Alcyone from Magic Knights Rayearth. 

We wandered for a while and then hit the sports bar for dinner.  The ribs were quite good, and it's not as frighteningly expensive as the other places.  One non con going young lad referred to Kimi as the devil lady.  Which is crazy cause those are clearly bat-like ears not devil horns.  It's amazing how fast the day went, it was already into the evening and he had not done Auron and Lulu yet.  But first, I saw one group of cosplayers while I was Lantis that I just had to get a picture of.

Mei, Ty Lee and Azula from Avatar
Unfortunately I took this with my crappy pocket camera so it's not very good.  But this group was very good.  They were perfect like they walked right out of the show.  They had the characters down pat.  I wondered for a second if Azula was about to do something terrible.  These girls get it.
EBK  again

Anyway it's time to switch to Auron and Lulu and head out again.  Again we walked around then headed to the Final Fantasy shoot at the fountain.  Which was a totally disorganized mess. A giant contrast to the One Piece shoot.  Less said the better.  Well time to head up to the bar and meet up with The Steampunk Family.
Who are also my actual sisters family.
Phineas and Madame Von Hedwig
 We also ran into world renowned cosplay photographer Eurobeat King who took the above picture and a few others.  well time to fly.  Before going up to change we ran into two more cosplays I really liked.
Detective Conan
The cutest Detective Conan,  and some old school Leiji Matsumoto characters Harlock, Emeraldas and Maetel.  Who all originally appeared in the classic Galaxy Express 999.
Harlock, Emeraldes and Maetel
We went up and changed into our secret identities and headed out for a late night screening of adult AMV's.  Several of them were pretty funny and clever, the rest were kind of lame.  Still an amusing end to a great day at Katsucon

Friday, February 25, 2011

Katsucon 2011 Friday

      Boy we were working on projects right to the last minute before this one.  We only just managed to get to the Gaylord and check in before the One Piece shoot.  As Boa Hancock and Strong World Luffy, we rushed up to the Gazebo to find a very cool group of Cosplayers.  I was especially fond of Ramen Pirate who was also Strong World Luffy.  Things just flowed well,  a lot of great pictures were taken,  and everyone was totally cool. Also the gazebo when that area isn't crowded is a great location.  All this stood in direct contrast to a later shoot,  ( cough, cough Final Fantasy Sat.9pm, cough ).  Another quite helpful soul was the Straw Hat's musician Brook who, of course, provided music.  Really helped to set the mood.  Kimi did a YouTube video as a tribute.

That was such a great start to Katsucon, but we had some business in the dealers room.  I needed a new wig for Lantis.  First though, we went to the sports bar in the Atrium for a snack.  That place was not open last year, but we found it to be good bar food and was cheap compared to other food there.  Also our Bartender actually recognized our fairly obscure One Piece Cosplay and was very nice.  After a quick shopping trip we needed to get ready for Marvel vs Capcom. But here's a few cool Cosplayers we saw along the way.
Trinity  Blood

Great D-Gray Man group
Otome Youkai Zakura

A very cool outfit and an adorable little Kiki

Of course,  Kimi's Morrigan wig came in the mail Friday right before we left so it needed some work.  Very luckily,  Regena was getting ready with us,  and was a life saver with the wig.  Off to the Marvel vs Capcom shoot which was on the upper side of the fountain.  Now this is a great place for a photo shoot if you have say 10 or fewer people.  It's just too small and too crowded a space.  But, it was actually pretty well run, and the best was made out of a lousy space.  Those pictures have gone up on 

Group shot turned out pretty well.  All in all a good time.
We hung out for a while then went over to Moon Bay for some cocktails and food, see the other days post for Morrigan with a Margarita. Then we actually got out of costume to hang out at the bar and relax. We ran into Misato Katsuragi in the bar and Cobra Commander in the Lobby.


Cobra  Commander
Met lots of nice people, hung out, went to bed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Piece Photo Shoot Katsucon 2011

This is the Vid that Kimi did for the One Piece photo shoot.  It's her first try so I think it came out quite well.  Thanks to everyone who made that shoot a great time.

Marvel vs Capcom Shoot

      Friday night  we were in the Marvel vs Capcom photo shoot.  Well low and behold,  there we are on  LINK HERE. There's me with the big sword,  Kimi's Morrigan right in the middle and Regena as Felicia.  Also prominent on their page are individual shots of Kimi and Regena.  There's one of me in the full gallery.  That's pretty cool as I hear Marvel is a company of some note.  Next up full Katsucon report.
Regena  Felicia
Donovan  Baine

Kimi  Morrigan

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yeah, Katsucon

      Getting ready for Katsu has been a big pain.  So many props and accessories to make.  Well we finally got here just in time for the One Piece shoot.  Kimi is lying down as Boa Hancock.  I did Strong World Luffy.
We wandered a bit then had to go get ready for the Marvel VS Capcom ACP gathering.  Pictures from that are going to be on Marvels Site to celebrate the release of the game.  We met up with Regina who did Felicia,  Kimi was Morrigan and I Donovan Baine.  Full reports later on,but let's close with Morrigan enjoying a cocktail.