Saturday, March 3, 2012

Katsucon 18: Part 3

Saturday was the busiest day yet , with lots of cosplay, and a panel to do with my sister, the doyen of the Steampunk Family.  But, first up is another One Piece shoot with our Boa and Luffy Wedding Dream outfits.  Which we totally fail to make it to.  There are , however, many photos to take including a shoot with our friend EBK.
Photo by EBK

 We took a few other pictures all over the Gaylord complex.

This is one I took at the gazebo.

And one I took at the fountain.

And Boa by the cannon, like a proper Empress of the Pirates.

While we were wandering we also caught some other good stuff, like our dear friend Regina and the " Cake Girls, " down by the gazebo.
Regina is second from the right.
 She looked sooo adorable.  We also ran into the excellent Jack Skellington.

While we were outside we ran into our fabulous cosplay daughter doing a shoot in her .hack Black Rose cosplay.  I say she looked incredible.  Nice sword.

Now it's time for  little Lulu and Auron. Headed up to the room after some victuals, and hung out with my  steampunk sister and family.  Once again Regina in her awesome cake girl outfit helped out Kimi with her make-up, while I got ready and made people eat more cheese and grapes.  So time for some FFX, before our panel.  Here we are.
Photo by Manny Hortas Bishop, a cool guy.
There you go, now time for the "Steampunk in Anime and Manga" panel.  This is where my sister, my brother in law and I totally wing it in front of a couple hundred people.  Luckily, for prep work I have consumed Anime and Manga  for 30 years plus. Helpful, cause people threw a lot of stuff at me during the extensive Q and A part of the panel.

This was really a great time, there was so much excellent feedback from the group and I think we started a good narrative that we can follow up on.  Soon,  I'm going to try to write a post or several about the subject. So on to our further adventures in part 4.

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